Draft agenda. Session details and speakers to be announced.

Mar. 23

Welcome & Opening Plenary

Keynote speaker: Matt Arnold, Managing Director, JPMorgan Chase
in conversation with Greg Dalton, Founder & Host, Climate One

Evening Activities

Mar. 24

Hidden Risks, Hidden Opportunities: Framing the Climate Issue

Climate 101: What Every MBA Needs to Know

Let's focus on the data. What's actually happening to the climate, what's likely to happen, and what will that look like on the ground? What industries and physical assets are most vulnerable?

Investors' Perspective: Pricing Climate Risk

Deeper dive into the downside of climate effects with a panel of investors. What types of financial risk does climate change pose to companies, how big are they, and can they be hedged? Is there such a thing as the "carbon bubble"? How are forward-thinking investors pricing companies' climate risk exposure?

Executive's Briefing on Climate Policy

Not a political discussion. You need to know the state of regulatory policy and the likely effects on domestic and global markets. Will there be a carbon tax in the US and if so, who will pay? Will climate action in other nations affect global production prices? Which regulatory scenarios are best for business?

Responding & Innovating: Corporate Strategy in the Age of Climate Change

A look from inside one company. How does a company think strategically about climate risk & opportunity? What is it doing in practice? What's working? What are the barriers?

Lunch & Innovation Showcase

Industry Deep Dive & Problem-Solving

What are the biggest climate change risks and opportunities for companies in specific industries? How are leading companies responding? What do YOU think of their strategies? Come hear from companies about their take on the challenge at hand, and contribute your ideas in a collective brainstorming session.

CEO Conversation: Climate Change as a Leadership Issue

Lord Michael Hastings, Global Head of Corporate Citizenship, KPMG International
in conversation with Jim Rogers, Former CEO and Chair, Duke Energy

Envisioning the Future

Reflection & Conference Close

Closing Reception